About Ohayo Prints

Ohayo Prints was founded during the pandemic (2020) and is specialized in digital personalized cards, coloring pages,.. so that you can still send a (digital) card to your friends or family in a personal and creative way. There is also personalized clothing available that you can find in the memory collection. Soon we will also have our own collection 🙂

Mission and vision

Ohayo is all about memories and how to capture them in a creative way. This way we hope to make as many people happy as possible.
Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone is happy. That’s why we make a mini-collection every 3 months from which all proceeds go to a good cause!

The meaning of Ohayo

Ohayo in Japanese is a literal translation for “Good morning”, but it is actually a unique concept whereby “Ohayo” is not only used to say good morning, but it is “the first contact of the day greeting” that will take you through the day to use.

The person behind Ohayo

“We” or “The team” behind Ohayo is me, Laura. 🙂
I’m 22 years old and I’m doing my Masters in Visual Arts, more specifically digital design. For this I studied communication design with a Marketing course in evening school! I founded Ohayo all by myself, but I’m definitely open to collaborations!

I’m on YouTube, am I famous now? 😉