Foto van een vrouw met een blauwe, indigo memory sweater.

We design your memories

How does it work?

How Ohayo works: 
1. You upload your favorite photo via the website 
2. You will receive the design as soon as possible after ordering 
3. After design approval, the design is embroidered on your t-shirt, hoodie, totebag and so on.

Our fixed Memory Collection

Memories are the most beautiful things we have, which is why you can have them printed on cards or embroidered on garments at Ohayo. You can already take a look at our most popular articles below:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Wanneer wordt mijn bestelling geleverd?

Most orders are shipped after 2 weeks. This can be faster, but also take longer depending on how busy it is.
On special occasions such as Christmas, New Year,… the delivery time can be up to 4 weeks.
Rush orders are not always possible, but for this you can always contact us.

Hoe kies ik een goede foto?

Make sure your photo is not too dark and that the outline is clearly visible.
Unsure between different photos? Be sure to send us a message and we’ll take a look!

Krijg ik op voorhand het ontwerp te zien?

Yes! You will be sent the design via email after a few days. Only after the design is approved will it be embroidered.
Not satisfied with the design? Then we adjust it until it is completely to your liking.